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Kevin 6 days ago

Fried Scallop

Scallops wewre excellent, but I wish you had thinner french fries, like your sweet potato fries.

Crochetladydy 7 days ago


I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving and we stopped in for lunch. The clams are out of this world! Living in VA now, the clams are not available, so this was a real treat! Fresh and delicious! I highly recommend going here. Yum!

Davisls 9 days ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

The lobster rolls, of course, are soooo delicious. I can still taste their sweetness, butteriness, juicy flavor, even though I am 1800 miles away in snowy, cold Evergreen, Colorado. Can't wait for next summer, to get back to the shore and enjoy more fun filled experiences and the best sea coast food that the Beach Plum offers.

Coughlin 16 days ago

8oz. Lobster Roll

Best lobster roll around! We love coming here all the time and can't get enough

Stephanie 20 days ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Each summer our family takes multiple trips to the Beach Plum for their lobster rolls, clam chowder and ice cream and have introduced them to many friends as well. We've never had a lobster roll as good as theirs and now can't eat them anywhere else because nothing compares. The Beach Plum is amazing!

Ooxavierdixonoo about 1 month ago

Coffee Kahlua Brownie

Great food and ice cream, and always excellent service

Jayegarnett about 1 month ago

Chunky Lobster Bisque

I love their lobster bisque! Grammy and I go there all the time and its always amazing. There are a lot of chunks of lobster and they are tender and not chewy like you get other places. I highly recommend it. Grammy gets excited when we go!

Mindyplus about 1 month ago

2 Way Fried Combo

Was one of the best seafood places I have been

Christine about 2 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

We live in Peabody and go to the Beach Plum at least once a month. I get the lobster roll which is amazing and can't be beat. My husband gets the scallop dinner and he couldn't be happier. Love all their food but these two are our go to meals.

Maryanne about 2 months ago

2 Way Fried Combo

Great casual dinning, delicious seafood options as well as tasty hamburgers and wrap sandwiches, something for everyone. If you spend more than $50 you receive a free pint of Ice Cream. Fun for the whole family

Jen 2 months ago

Fried Shrimp

Light and crispy coating, always cooked perfectly! This is the best fried shrimp I've had! The tartar sauce is very flavorful, too.

Chenneys5 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Now that's a lobster roll!! Doesn't have a ton of mayo and lettuce which a lot of places stuff instead of lobster. This is the best especially paired with sweet potato fries!!! I buy gift certificates to get a little discount. Regardless still worth the price!!! Yum!!! 💕

3alicefulton3 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Ive been getting the Super Jumbo Footlong 20 oz lobster rolls here for years (they're no longer available, but two of these equals them, plus ordering two gets an extra bag of chips). These are my favorite lobster rolls anywhere - not too much mayo, optional lettuce and tomato, most delicious chunks of lobster. I can't have them too often, and often get an extra one to have the next day. Well worth the price.

Lawertman 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

My family and I wait patiently every year for lobster rolls and lemonade. The Beach Plum is where I bring all my family members when they visit from SD. Absolutely our favorite.

Rachelpxb 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Delicious! Exactly what I wanted. I am a fan of the lobstah roll, especially having grown up in New England and I have to say this really hit the spot. A job well done and it didn't hurt my wallet to boot!

Yally 3 months ago

8oz. Lobster Roll

Best lobster roll. Been getting the gift cards and bringing friends here for years. Samantha, Andover MA

Laffingboystudios 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Call us crazy, but one Manchester native and one Nevada native fly home once a year and head directly to The Beach Plum for the best lobster rolls on the planet. We stand in the line, we smell the ocean air, we chat with total strangers about how far we've come for this treat, then we sit at the picnic tables and we behold succulent chunks of lobster held together with a whiff of mayo mounded in toasted flat rolls. We exchange significant glances -- and then, we eat. OMG. Holds us for another year.

Lani 4 months ago

Grilled Salmon

At first I was hesitant to try this dish. Salmon can be difficult to prepare well. Now this is my all time go to item when we order from Beach Plum. Paired with Rice Pilaf and Cole Slaw this is absolutely yummy, The Salmon is grilled to perfection and the portions are generous. I would highly recommend this meal to any Salmon lovers!

Aisha 6 days ago

4 Piece Basket

Loved it! My favorite tenders ever. I have a suggestion: online ordering- the Portsmouth location is located at the end of a business park and you could have more business if this was an option!

K 9 days ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Best ever! Won't eat them ANYWHERE else! Always fresh and not a lot of anything except lobster!

Janecomeau21 12 days ago

6oz. Lobster Roll

Best lobster roll on the planet and I've tried a gazillion on the east coast. Consistent perfection from the buttery grilled roll to the tastiest lobster with just a hint of mayo. Wish BP was closer but I still make the hour drive when the craving takes over!!!

Tim 16 days ago


Tasted just like Vanilla ice cream. Couldn't have been happier!

Dwillnh 24 days ago


Awesome fried clams! Fresh tasting without too much batter coating. I'll be back!

Bigpops1013 about 1 month ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Delicious - best I ever had. Also tried the 2 way combo clams/scallops - fantastic

Ajennings2000 about 1 month ago

10oz. Lobster Roll

Best lobster roll around!! I get two meals out of it, well worth the price! The lobster bisque is amazing with huge chunks of lobster! My whole family loves to eat here with all the fresh foods and of course great ice cream!

Kristen about 1 month ago

House Salad

Beach Plum's salads are consistently fresh, and they always use the finest ingredients. My daughter and I drive out of our way for their side salad, which is big enough for a meal!

J about 2 months ago

2 Way Fried Combo

Clam and scallops and no one does it better!! The scallops are ALWAYS perfectly cooked - never over-cooked or chewy. Fresh and succulent. The clams (full bellies only, please!) taste of the sea, just as they should. The value is there, too. Some places pile on the fries or onion rings but skimp on the actual seafood. Not here!! You absolutely get your money's worth!

Cinjimdalton 2 months ago

3 Way Fried Combo

Excellent! We come here a lot!

Ddjazzman 3 months ago

8oz. Lobster Roll

EVERY time we come to the Beach Plum it's "Lobsta Time!" You can always expect the BEST Lobster Rolls, delicious seafood chowders and, oh yes(!), generous servings of dynamite ice cream! We moved to Tampa Bay, two years ago, and are visiting friends this week, in Boston. But, before we jump onto our Manchester flight, later today, we're heading to North Hampton, to "indulge!" Love the Beach Plum! 😎

Laurenblessington1987 3 months ago

Fisherman's Platter

Wonderful! Shared with my husband and it was so much food!

Anthony 3 months ago

4 Piece Basket

Simply the best seafood, dollar for dollar

Callie 3 months ago

6oz. Lobster Roll

I've been to the Beach Plum many times already and never disappointed. My first visit was North Hampton with the 8oz lobster roll mayo. Other times were either mayo or hot butter 6oz. Im a huge lobster roll snob and fan on the hunt for the best lobster roll out there. I've been all over New England and The Beach Plum overrules them all. I don't know what it is but their lobster rolls are just over the top. But they are also very simple. Lobster and butter or lobster and mayo. When getting a lobster roll there is no need for other flavors that will ruin the lobster. Hands down the best lobster roll I've ever had and will always have. If I ever go anywhere else for one I always leave disappointed. You got to try it!

Oxalao 3 months ago

10oz. Lobster Roll


Gmvp913 3 months ago

Chicken Caesar Salad

One of the best chicken Caesar wrap I've had!

Wayneadams3377 4 months ago

8oz. Lobster Roll

My chocolate lab is ten years old and very opinionated about where he eats. If we drive over to the coast from Salem,NH and head up art 1A he will start barking and carrying on as we approach the Beach Plum. He knows his owners love the food there, in particular, the giant lobster rolls washed down with an orange freeze. Once there he starts woofing for his own doggie dish of vanilla soft serve complete with a biscuit topping. This is his and his owners "happy place". He gives the place "Five Woofs" and his owners give it five STARS *****


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